55mm AXON Wheels


Wheels for Flatland Freestyle, Street, Pool/Park skateboarding. Sold in sets of FOUR

    • per set
    • per set

55mm tall x 38mm wide AXON Wheels
30.5mm running surface • Offset bearing seat • Double-radius profile • Machine-ground running surface
2.57 oz. (73 grams) each • Sold in sets of FOUR wheels

Poured in Seismic’s Premium Pool/Park urethane formula.

The Axon is Seismic’s answer to the question: “How would you engineer a superior flatland freestyle wheel from bearing seat to running surface – with a hub that offers the sturdiness of a traditional all-urethane wheel and the lightness and precise bearing placement of a cored wheel?”
We started with an advanced weight-saving vented hub – featuring extra-tough bearing supports and a unique extension to buttress the outside lip against high stresses (e.g., during Coconut wheelies and rail transitions). Then we added fast, top-class urethane carefully formulated for an optimal balance of grip and slip on typical surfaces.
We rounded out the design with extra offset to safeguard against nut bite during edge tricks; an ample 30.5mm machine-ground running surface for consistent handling through even the fanciest footwork sequences; and a balanced 5mm lip radius optimized to lock in rail combinations.
Rigorously torture-tested during the prototype stage by elite flatland pros (with zero issues or failures). Awesome for all-purpose street and park skating, too!


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