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Better design and materials • Better performance • Longer life!

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Seismic High-Performance Ergonomic Skid Plates
Price is for one (1) Skid Plate.
8mm (5/16″) thick. Packaged with mounting instructions and hardware (rivet nuts and machine screws).

Better materials, design, and performance! Seismic’s ergonomic take on Skid Plates. Say goodbye to “razor tail” – protect your deck ends from drag-induced abrasion and high-impact tricks!

Finely-tuned thermoplastic formulation. Smooth, controlled skid feel and outstanding pop. Resistant to abrasion, furry buildup, and friction-induced heat. Ergonomic inside edge contour for better handhold and footing.

Available in SIX (6) carefully-designed profiles:
118mm (4.65″) Old School Nose:
Fits the nose of most Old School Flatland Freestyle decks, as well as most very narrow (“Mini”) Street decks.
129mm (5.1″) Modern: Fits many modern Longboard Freestyle and Flatland Freestyle decks, as well as most narrower Street decks.

140mm (5.51″) Egg: Fits many modern Longboard Freestyle decks and most medium / wide Street decks with “egg”-shaped ends.
146mm (5.75″) Old School Square Tail: Fits the tail of most Old School Flatland Freestyle decks.
150mm (5.9″) Round: Fits most medium / wide Street decks with “round” ends.
180mm (7.1″) Round: Fits many Old School Pool / Park decks and modern DH / Freeride decks with tails.

4 reviews for Seismic SKID PLATES

  1. Jacob Hughes-Gartin

    These feel like they truly took every aspect of freestyle skating into account for the design. Not just for the stated purpose of preventing razor tail, the ergonomic curve makes it comfortable to grip and catch for tricks like fingerflips and 50/50s, and also serves as a nice foothold for Caspers.

  2. Vicky

    Bought the modern skid plates to prevent razor tail on a longboard. Absolutely would recommend them to every longboarder trying to get into freestyle. I’ve bashed my board’s tails so much, practiced on awful pavement, and the tails are just as long and relatively intact as they were when I bought the board. The areas on my tail edges just outside of the skid plates’ coverage are splintering apart from all the impact, but the edges reinforced by the skid plates are solid as ever and I don’t have to worry about getting splinters when I try hand tricks. I’ve been using the same pair of plates for over a year with almost daily use and probably won’t need another pair for another few months. Definitely far worth buying these than another $200+ deck.

  3. Emily

    Works great on a Landyachtz dinghy! I got the 146mm square tail for my coffin shaped dinghy and it’s a perfect fit. Now I don’t need to worry about destroying my board with the occasional ollie or sudden tail stop. If you want your dinghy to last get one of these!

  4. Jefe

    top quality urethane, multiple shapes to match your board ends, this Modern Skid plate solved my not finding the other options for tailguards on the market suitable for my setup.
    I got a Powell Slidewinder Flight board . These decks are known for being extremely thin but just as strong ( stronger) than standard plied decks however this also yields them as probably the worst razortail susceptible decks in history so it was a given id install tailguards….oddly , the Powell tailbone was nowhere close to fitting the DK JM Duran board .

    these fit it perfectly & I am surprised they are still functioning & only half worn after a year of daily skating

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