58mm BOOSTER Wheels

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Sold in sets of FOUR wheels.

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    • per set
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58mm tall x 37mm wide BOOSTER Wheels
25mm machine-ground running surface • Offset bearing seat • Double-radius profile
3.2 oz. each • Sold in sets of FOUR wheels

Poured in Seismic’s Premium Pool/Park urethane formula.

Somewhat wider than most wheels of their height, and with a slightly offset bearing seat, the 58mm by 37mm Boosters offer breakthrough performance for modern pool and park skating. Poured with the world’s most advanced no-flatspot formula, and machine-ground for that perfect broken-in feeling. Great for hard-wheel sliding, too!

4 reviews for 58mm BOOSTER Wheels

  1. Jake

    Just wanted to let you guys know that the 60mm 101a Booster wheels are AMAZING! They’re the bomb for modern 10″ pool boards. You can run 169’s perfectly without having to go to the extra wide 215′ and most importantly the 101a are hard, fast and grippy. Plus they just look right on a wide board. Keep making them and I’ll keep buying them!

  2. Paul

    Running a set of 97a Boosters with PP Flyte deck / Hollow Indys for a light stable setup on wood, the ramp and my old legs love them thanks.

  3. Adam Shub

    Bought these from SoCal Skateshop but their website didn’t give me the option to write my positive review. I went with the 58mm size and 102 duro and they completely changed the game for me, I nailed my first carve grinds in the bowl by the end of my 1st session with them and was consistently nailing them too. This was after I had been trying for two weeks almost every day to get them down and failing. Thanks guys! Side note I was also able to maintain my runs for longer periods of time without getting tired and having to stop because the wheels helped me maintain my speed twice as well.

  4. Tom

    Bought both the 99 and 102a’s for my shaped board bowl/pool setup. Really fast wheels and holds speed excellently, moreso than other wheel brands I have tried like OJ. Wears evenly and nicely (if it even wears, I haven’t gotten it to go down in size yet) from aggressive sliding tricks, with no signs of flatspotting. They did get unusually slippery when there was a lot of dust/pollen on them (which is expected from any wheel), but washing/wiping them down made them really grippy again. Sliding is very quiet for a wheel of this durometer, which may be a good or bad thing, depending on your preference.

    I really like the offset core on the wheels as well. It adds a little more than 1/4 inch to your truck width, so that allows you to get away with a narrower truck on big pool boards. The presence of a hard core also makes it really easy for bearing installation.

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