Fullspin Bearings

With few exceptions, other skate brands are just “tourists” when it comes to bearings – sourcing average products from third-party brokers or small producers, with little or no input regarding engineering and manufacturing specs.
Once you scratch the surface, bearings get wildly technical – so much so that unscrupulous brands can often get away with oversimplifications, misleading or exaggerated claims, and outright fabrications. But at Seismic, we’ve been mining the science and the facts – and innovating superior skate bearing tech – since 2011. We’ll give you the straight dope.
After the pandemic took out our previous manufacturing partner, we spent over two years nerding out with a crack team of American engineers from one of the biggest and best bearing factories in the world. We scrutinized and re-assessed every last component and design feature – and seized on every opportunity to make refinements both large and small – to raise the bar yet again and fully optimize all aspects of skate bearing performance. That’s why we re-branded the product line as… FULLSPIN. Roll tighter, truer, faster, and smarter on the absolute best skate bearings in the entire history of skate bearings.

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