55mm Focus Wheels

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55mm tall x 38mm wide Focus Wheels.

Offset bearing seat, double-radius design.
2.5 oz. each.

Poured in premium urethane.

Sold in sets of FOUR wheels.

Molded around our weight-saving Mini-EC hub, the Focus is the lightest wheel on the market for modern flatland freestyle skating. Ultra-high-grade urethane carefully formulated for an optimal balance of grip and slip, plus the perfect form factor to prevent nut bite during edge tricks. Awesome for all-purpose street skating, too!

Said Pro Freestyler Matt Gokey, “I love how the hub is hollowed out on one side. Normal cores help retain speed, but these also make the wheels much lighter and look absolutely sick, too! 100% true offset, so you won’t ever need washers. Couple this hub design with Seismic’s unparalleled urethane knowledge and you’ve got a seriously superior wheel. Trust me when I say this is exactly the revamp our traditional shape needed. I won’t be rolling on anything else for a long time.”

1 review for 55mm Focus Wheels

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    My name is Brandon Ross, and I’m a local Colorado freestyle skateboarder. I’ve been skating somewhere between 10-15 years. I was recently introduced to Seismic Skate Focus wheels by several top freestylers that use them. Everything I heard was overwhelmingly positive, so I decided to try them myself.

    I initially bought the red 101a Focus wheels with the original core from a little freestyle skateboarding website called Decomposed. I LOVE the red 101a Focus wheels! The Focus design is a cored wheel, so installing and removing bearings is very easy and precise. The 101a’s allow you to do some really smooth footwork, spins, slides, carves, pivots, and quick changes of direction. These wheels are lightweight, agile, and stable. On smooth concrete, these wheels get really fun, since they have abilities typically reserved for ice skating. They glide and slide around at your command. Even though they occasionally slide-out, it’s a controlled slide that you can recover from, which is helpful for saving landings or modifying tricks. I enjoyed the red 101a Focus wheels so much, that I wanted to try the blue 97a Focus wheels.

    I bought the blue 97a Focus wheels direct from Seismic Skate this time. Dan Gesmer at Seismic is so helpful and supportive, both with choosing wheels and customer service. He was so cool to throw in a few extras for me that I never expected, and that motivates me to skate better!

    I have been very satisfied with the blue 97a Focus wheels so far. Now the Focus wheel has a significant core redesign. I thought the original core was great too, but I was told the new, smaller core is more resilient. The blue 97a’s exhibit a slightly different character than the red 101a’s. I noticed the wheel is softer, which means more grip, and resiliency on slightly rougher surfaces than smooth concrete. The blue’s grip more on slippery concrete, so that can prevent unnecessary sliding. They are every bit as lightweight, agile, and stable as the red 101a wheels, but with more stability from increased grip. The 97a is an excellent choice for versatility when skating on various smooth surfaces. However, you will find that the 97a and the 101a are complementary to each other.

    Overall, both durometers of Seismic Focus wheels are incredible! The offset shape of the wheel wears down very evenly, and covers the axle and nut. Bearing installation is a snap. 101a is more prone to controlled sliding, and the 97a is more grippy with a little softness for resiliency. These are versatile wheels that can handle all aspects of freestyle, all tricks from rolling to rail are super stable. I recommend you try both durometers to get the full experience of what the Focus wheel design has to offer. Thank you Dan Gesmer and Seismic Skate for making these awesome Focus wheels! Ideal for freestyle! Keep on skating!

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