76mm HOT SPOT Wheels

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Sold in sets of FOUR wheels.

    • per set
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76mm tall x 59mm wide HOT SPOT Wheels
58mm running surface • Offset bearing seat • Square outside edge, straight-cut inside edge
7.25 oz. each • Sold in sets of FOUR wheels

Available in Defcon™ speed formula: Guinness WR speed • directional slide • long-lasting grip • slow, consistent wear

The 76mm x 59mm Hot Spot has topped the podium of many elite international competitions under champion racers like Mischo Erban and Aaron Hampshire.  Molded around our advanced Mini-EC hub, it is one of the fastest all-around wheels ever developed for DH and GS racing.

Not too big and not too small, the Mini-EC hub preserves ample tire thickness while saving over ½-ounce per wheel, stiffening the inside edge, and super-charging inside edge rebound. Put everything together in the 76mm Hot Spot and you get a big, wide wheel with superior traction and roll; smooth, predictable handling; and the quickness of a smaller wheel.


1 review for 76mm HOT SPOT Wheels

  1. Eric

    These wheels do what the do because they are so sick. Will buy again for sure once I core these.

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