69mm HOT SPOT Wheels

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Sold in sets of FOUR wheels.

    • per set
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69mm tall x 52mm wide HOT SPOT Wheels
50mm running surface • Offset bearing seat • Square outside edge, straight-cut inside edge
5.5 oz. each • Sold in sets of FOUR wheels

Available in Defcon™ formula: Guinness WR speed • directional slide • long-lasting grip • slow, consistent wear

The 69mm x 52mm Hot Spot is a smaller, more nimble version of our 76mm Hot Spot.  Molded around our advanced Mini-EC hub, it’s ideal for fast freeride, technical downhill, Tight and Hybrid slalom, and general-purpose cruising.

Not too big and not too small, the Mini-EC hub preserves ample tire thickness while saving over ½-ounce per wheel, stiffening the inside edge, and super-charging inside edge rebound.

2 reviews for 69mm HOT SPOT Wheels

  1. Chris

    I use that plum on my Yow, and it’s just swell. Great grip for pumping to build momentum, while still allowing relatively easy slides and snaps. May not be what it was made for, but it makes a great surfskate wheel.

  2. Carlos Molesachi

    really good hybrid slalom wheels. cash alsobe used on tight. rocked these at the Texas sizzler 19.

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