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Aaron Hampshire

Aaron Hampshire
a.k.a. “A-Swag”
Born: 10/14/1990

Born and raised where?
Kentucky and Michigan.

Current hometown (and best thing about it)
Colorado since 2009. Nothing better than high speeds and high elevation!

When not skating, I’m…
Eating, playing video games and board games, snowboarding, shooting, fishing.

Languages spoken

Favorite skating disciplines and skate spots
Downhill RACING! Some of the most amazing roads are in the Rocky Mountains, Dolomites, Alps, Pyrenees, and Lesotho.

Favorite skaters to ride with
Always having the HOTTEST laps with Adam Persson, Daina Banks, and Chase Hiller.

Seismic Skate and Aera Trucks.

Favorite Seismic products
80.5mm ALPHA wheels
Tekton bearings
Lokton griptape
Seismic Race pucks

Skate heroes then and now
Scott Smith, K-Rimes, P-Swiss, Sebastian Hertler, and AJ Haiby.

All-time best skate vids
Sector 9: Second Nature
Push Culture: Pants Party

Coolest superhero
All Might

Coolest superpower
Knowing every language.

Best three pizza toppings
Pineapple and jalapeño is the superior flavor combo!

Favorite skate-day snack

Top artists or tracks on your current playlist
Earthgang, Outkast, The Pixies, Fear Before, Curtis Mayfield

Favorite quote
“If it feels like you’re on rails, you’re going too slow!”

Goals for the future
Travel the world to eat and skate in amazing places!

If you had three wishes
1. End world hunger.
2. Save the environment.
3. Binging on doughnuts would have no negative consequences.

Javier Tato

Javier Tato


1. Nick Name: Tato

2. Age: 21

3. Top 3 pizza toppings: muschrooms, cheese, meat

4. Margarita or Rum n’ Coke: rum

5. Favorite Superhero: batman

6. Brunette, Blonde, or Redhead: blonde

7. Sponsors: Seismic, ARC Leathers, EDGE boardshop

8. Favorite Skating: Madrid, las cuestas!

9. Favorite Skating bros: i dont know what this means

10. Favorite Skate Film: flipping the switch

11. Real Favorite Skate Film: thrashing

12. Superpower: cute

13. Vehicle of choice: motorbike

14. Best thing about Madrid? Madrid is sick as fuck, too much party too much of everything, just come and check it out by yourself

15. Wheel of choice: fucking seismic hotspot 69mm blackops formula, perfect hybrid

16. How fast: 100 km/h

17. Top five Blondes: i just have one girl for my own, not 5

18. Top 5 tracks currently on your iPod: lonely boy, sin oficio, bienvenidos, ultra velocidad and blackbetty

Dre Nubine

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Seismic Skate Team Rider Dre Nubine

Dre’s Setup

73mm Speed vents in 80a for city speeding, Boosters 101a on a shortboard

Nick Name: Col
Age: 22

Top 3 pizza toppings: Broccoli, spinach, olives
Margarita or Rum n’ Coke: Margarita
Favorite Superhero: N/A
Brunette, Blonde, or Redhead: Brunette
Sponsors: Seismic, Blue Sky Longboards, REY, GhostSkate, Polaroid, Shralpers Union

Favorite Skate Film: Evolve NYC, Bustin
Real Favorite Skate Film: David Gonzales, Possessed to Skate or welcome to hell!
Superpower: invincible
Vehicle of choice: Skateboardddd

Best thing about NYC? You can skate every style and there are a bunch of people good at each one who are super enthusiastic to teach you. Traffic surfing  skate parks (all diff type of parks!), regular park, hills everything! And you can get a soda on every corner.

How fast: out of shape bike messenger

Top 5 tracks on your playlist:
Massage Situtation – Flying Lotus
Machine Gun – Portishead
Mishaps Happen – Quantic
Sweet Lullabye – Deep Forest
Promise – Cocorosie

Seismic Skate Team Rider Dre Nubine