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Matteo Delbigio

Matteo Delbigio

Matteo Delbigio

Born and raised where?
Vancouver B.C

Current hometown (and best thing about it):
Still in Vancouver, best thing about it is the diversity of nature and skating.

When not skating, I’m…
When not skating, I’m mostly in school otherwise I’m working on my dirt bike and playing video games.

Languages spoken
English and French

Favorite skating disciplines and skate spots
Favourite discipline is faster freeride and the best run is Britannia or Krypto

Favorite skaters to ride with
Anyone on a wheel of similar grip level

Flatspot, Scythe

Favorite Seismic products
75.5mm Blackops Alphas

Skate heroes then and now
Kyle Martin, Dexter Manning, Zak Maytum, P Swiss

All-time best skate vids
Hot and Dangerous, 40oz of Fire, Who Dat Boi

Favorite skate-day snack
Granola bar and Banana

Top artists or tracks on your current playlist
Jedi Mind Tricks

Favorite quote
Speed and danger don’t always go together, but it’s proper fun when they do.
-Guy Martin

Most memorable achievement
Knox Mountain Dh 2023 1st in Juniors 4th in Opens

Goals for the future
World Championship

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