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Better materials… better sliding!

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The biggest and most advanced line of slide pucks ever seen. Superior materials bring you the best-feeling pucks in the game!
Available in two distinct formulas and multiple shapes, each option with unique characteristics.

CLASSIC (blue) – solid or lightweight hollow
Comfortable slide performance with buttery road feel. Resistant to abrasion, furry buildup, and friction-induced heat. Hollow version nearly 40% lighter.
Round shape. 12mm thick. 3.25″ / 82.5mm outer diameter. Optional central hollow diameter 1.18″ / 30mm.

Less braking for faster racing. Perfectly consistent, stable glide with superior durability at extreme speeds and in high heat – no melting or furry buildup ever!
LARGE Hex shape – new for 2024! 12mm thick. 3.5″ / 88.9mm long by 3.1″ / 78.7mm wide.

FLINTED (black) – solid or hollow
Premium Extra-Hard formula with SIX (6) BIG embedded flints to out-spark the pack! Hollow version concentrates pressure on flints, intensifies sparking. Hex shape lets you clock puck to preferred hand mobility zone.  Not recommended for use on roads adjacent to areas filled with dry tinder at high risk of wildfire.
Standard Hex shape. 12mm thick. 3.25″ / 82.5mm outer diameter. Optional central hollow diameter 1.18″ / 30mm.

2 reviews for Seismic SLIDE PUCKS

  1. DH4Life

    A true game changer. I’ve ridden multiple brands of slide pucks, and these provide superior control while sliding gloves down, and shed minimal speed. My first impressions were that they were insanely durable; however, as I rode them more they didn’t last quite as long as expected. They DO live up to their claims, and no matter what speed I slide at there was absolutely NO fury build-up. Super consistent pucks! With that being said they are still top-notch, and definitely my first choice!

  2. DH4Life

    These pucks have a very floaty, glidy feel, that is SUPER controllable, to the point that they gave me the confidence to try different variations of slides that I hadn’t had the confidence to try before hand. They make the entire ride feel easier to release, slide, and hook up.

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Using Spark Pucks in Extreme Heat

In extreme heat, the Seismic Premium Extra-Hard Race Puck material may expand more than the magnesium flints inserts – leading to a looser fit and potentially lost flints.  Please note that in such weather conditions, road surface temperature may climb significantly higher than air temperature and further increase the risk of lost flints.

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