Designed for maximum function, fit, and durability.

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Seismic FREERIDE Performance Skate Gloves
Price is for a pair of two (2) Gloves. Additional charge for pucks.

We took the time to re-examine and optimize every feature for progressive freeride. Designed top-to-bottom for maximum function, fit, and durability!

• Premium goatskin palmside, with second layer reinforcing fingertips and high-stress zones.
• Breathable synthetics on back of hand, including stretchy neoprene knuckle accordion. Choice of blue, gray, or purple accents.
• Advanced skate-specific seam geometry for superior fit and durability.
• High-strength, form-fitting goatskin/neoprene hybrid cuff with easy pull-on extension and industrial-grade Velcro.

• Velcro split at natural palm crease for full hand mobility – a Seismic innovation.
• Ergonomic glove patterns custom-designed and torture-tested by a Pattern Master with 30 years’ experience and detailed knowledge of hand anatomy. (Other brands’ patterns are usually copied from gloves made for dress fashion or unrelated sports.)

Measure the circumference of your dominant hand, in inches, just below your knuckles. Then compare that measurement to the general guide below to find your best estimated glove size. Go larger if you have longer / thicker fingers or palms, or prefer a looser fit. Go smaller if you have shorter / thinner fingers or palms, or prefer a tighter fit.
Note: Seismic cannot guarantee glove fit, which depends partly on your unique anatomy and partly on personal preference. (Some have fingers and palms that are longer / thicker, some that are shorter / thinner. Some like their gloves tighter, some looser.) We’ll work with you if the size you order doesn’t fit to your liking. However we cannot cover shipping back-and-forth.

XS 6-7
SM 7-8
MED 8-9
MED/LG 9-10
LG/XL 10-11
XXL 11-12


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