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Adrien Paynel

Adrien Paynel Seismic team rider

Adrien Paynel

Born and raised where?
Born and raised in San Diego, California to two French parents. So I grew up between the two cultures.

Current hometown (and best thing about it)
San Diego. Good weather and good people. The hills arn’t too bad either.

When not skating, I’m…
Making sandwiches and serving food for the people of La Jolla…. but I’m probably skating

Languages spoken
French, English, and an attempt at Spanish

Favorite skating disciplines and skate spots
Downhill racing and a little fast freeride during the offseason. Most of the time i’m skating at blacks after work. I consider myself a local in Malibu and Santa Barbara as well, even tho that’s kinda cheating.

Favorite skaters to ride with
The classic squad these days is Owen Fox, Bob Moore, and Patty Welsh.

Seismic, Madrid Skateboards and Girard Gourmet

Favorite Seismic products
The new stuffff

Skate heroes then and now
Always admired AJ Haiby’s style. Now my heros are everyone who pushes me on the race track. Lots of sick skaters to appreciate.

All-time best skate vids
Second Nature and anything from Tom Flinchbaugh

Favorite skate-day snack
Some good Kombucha, a bell pepper and some Tuna Tons

Top artists or tracks on your current playlist
Khruangbin, Beach House, and anything like Berlioz

Favorite quote
Bomb Hills Not Countries -GX1000
Gotta Eat Shit to Know Shit -Haz
Sucks to Suck – Dangle

Most memorable achievement
3rd Place at World Skate World Championships in the Philippines or 1st at the Thailand Tropical International Race

Goals for the future
Continue growing this beautiful sport.