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Adrien Paynel

Adrien Paynel Seismic team rider

Adrien Paynel
Age 22

Born and raised where?
Born and raised in San Diego, California to two French parents. So I grew up between the two cultures.

Current hometown (and best thing about it)
Current hometown is Barcelona, but I know it will change soon, to where? I’m not too sure. Best thing about Barcelona?… I’d have to say: The community, the hills, and the weather…. it’s hard to beat. 

When not skating, I’m…
At the moment I’m skating and training for skating, focused on the upcoming season. Going back to California to finish school is in the pipeline and that will be taking priority. Besides that, hanging out with friends, camping, hiking, getting into paddle, and being better.

Languages spoken
French, English, and Spanish is coming in nicely

Favorite skating disciplines and skate spots
I’m in love with racing and I can’t deny it. After that comes fast freeride, been loving getting standups on the small raceboards. As for spots, anywhere I can go fast and do big slides.

Favorite skaters to ride with
This is a long list. To start it out I have to go with the crew back in California, it’s with them that I don’t need to think about anything. Robbie Moore, Owen Fox , Nick Broms, Pat, Tony, Jersh… been missing them tons out here. Though the euro style is great. In BCN, Jan, Albert and the Quantums have some of the best style, and fellow French transplant Alex Tzouganakis keeps me on my toes for the racing stuff. There are so many more homies out there, but I honestly love skating with everyone. .

Seismic, Madrid Skateboards, Zealous, Fort la Marca, and the classic M&D corporation back home, wouldn’t be possible without them.

Favorite Seismic products
ALPHA wheels

Skate heroes then and now
AJ, Tiago Lessa, Diego Poncelet, Nick Broms and the list goes on.

All-time best skate vids
I know there are videos I’m forgetting while writing this, but for now… Wet Dreams, Recollections, any Downhill Skating Exposed, Gimbal Boys 3, any Tom Flinchbaugh and/or Prism Group Videos, notably Owen’s Pro Video and Toms Wurld, and again the list goes on.

Secret superpower

Best three pizza toppings
Pepperoni, mushrooms, and basil

Favorite skate-day snack
Whatever I cooked the night before, and a touch of mushrooms 🙂

Top artists or tracks on your current playlist
World at Large, Faire et Refaire, and some Gainsbourg

Goals for the future
Health and Happiness, and a World Championship wouldn’t hurt