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Introducing the Seismic 90mm MEGAWATT!

fast skate wheels

Amp Up Your Ride with

90mm tall x 58mm wide 

  • 53mm x 46mm TURBINE hub (NEW!)
  • Bearing seat offset 8.6%
  • 53mm running surface
  • Radiused outside edge, beveled inside edge
  • 11.25 oz. each
  • Sold in sets of FOUR wheels

megawatt skate wheels

More miles per hour, distance per push, and blocks per watt!

  • The world’s fastest urethane and most progressive hub-and wheel engineering bring unparalleled rebound and superior energy efficiency to a huge 90mm-diameter shape.
  • Higher top speeds, longer push distances, and extended ESK8 battery life and riding range!
  • Next-level weight-saving Turbine™ hub features bigger vent holes for more accessible e-board pulley adapter fitting.
  • Hub structure ingeniously sculpted for highly-optimized routing of wheel rebound energy.
  • Width, edge profiles, and bearing seat offset finely calibrated for race-style grip and more consistent wear.
  • Half-millimeter concave running surface preloads edges, sharpens grip, enhances rebound.
  • Surprisingly quick, smooth, and agile handling for its size, even through hard corners. In a class by itself!

fast skate wheels

Poured in DEFCON™ – the world’s fastest urethane!

  • With a remarkable set of unique and highly-advanced properties, Seismic’s DEFCON ultra-high-rebound urethane is the fastest formula in the history of skateboard racing, bar none.
  • Credited with virtually every significant world speed and distance record – including the official Guinness Standup mark (91.17 mph / 146.73 kph), the official Guinness Street Luge mark (101.83 mph / 163.88 kph), the official Guinness Standup Slide mark (73.34 mph / 117.35 kph), and the Long-Distance Push Mile, Marathon, and 24-Hour Ultra marks!
  • Defcon’s superior energy efficiency means not just higher speeds and longer push distances, but also noticeably longer battery life and rolling range on your e-board! (If not yet available, ask your favorite e-board brands to offer pulley adapters fitted to the Turbine hub.)
  • Available in two finely-tuned durometers, both with predictable handling and slow, consistent wear…
    – 74A Mango: Fast, smooth, grippy, and lively underfoot. An optimal balance of properties for most surface conditions.
    – 76A Mint: Ideal for smoother surfaces. Very fast roll with friendlier slide characteristics. Excellent durability.

The Turbine™ core – NEW!

  • Integrates nearly 20 years of advanced hub R&D.
  • 53mm tall x 46mm wide – the largest and most supportive hub ever seen in a wheel this size.
  • Formed from 85D fiber-reinforced thermoplastic – the toughest hub material in the industry – with robust bearing lugs.
  • Eight (8) contoured crossbeams (hollowed-out for lightness and aesthetics) combine with deep, wide “saddle” profile to create robust edge support and ironclad 3D mechanical lock with urethane.
  • Central crossbeams act as internal “turbine blades” that continuously catch and guide Defcon’s superior rolling rebound energy with perfect balance and revolutionary efficiency.  Boosts both speed and e-board range to another level!
  • Stiff saddle walls trap and return lateral wheel flex energy to supercharge rebound out of pumps, carves, and tight corners.

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