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New Freeride Wheels are Here!

Seismic Introduces Two Freeride Wheel Shapes!!!
The 70x50mm Bootlegs and the 75x54mm Landslides!

Seismic Introduces Two Freeride Wheel Shapes


Boulder, CO – Nearly a year in the making, Seismic is stoked to roll out two advanced new freeride wheels: the 70x50mm Bootleg and the 75x54mm Landslide.

“Both shapes feature stoneground running surfaces, centerset bearing placement, generous double radius, and a breakthrough urethane formula that we spent many months testing and refining with AEND Industries,” said Seismic founder/owner Dan Gesmer.

Added team rider Stephan Reinhardt, “This new ’thane is nice and sugary. The grip-to-slip ratio is in the perfect zone for smooth, controlled slides with great hookup.”

“Durability is a major stumbling block for other freeride urethanes, and we believe skaters deserve products that last longer,” Gesmer continued. “The Bootlegs and Landslides enjoy a longer life because of the smart new formula, slightly wider contact patches, and centerset hubs,” which make the wheels completely rotatable.

The 70mm Bootlegs are available in red 80A and blue 84A; the 75mm Landslides in 79A yellow and 83A blue.

“The softer ones are just grippy enough for comfort through hairpin turns, while I love the blues for freeride and technical sliding,” said Reinhardt, at 6’6” possibly the world’s tallest pro longboarder. He recently bagged 4th place at the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon in New York City.

“These are all-around great wheels, poured in a fantastic new formula,” he continued. “It was great that Dan took his time with R&D and didn’t rush ’em out, even though the suspense was killing me!”

“It’s a big challenge to create soft urethane that slides well but holds up,” said Gesmer. “We took that challenge very seriously.”

Seismic wheels, trucks, and bearings are available from finer skate stores and online athttps://www.seismicskate.com.

For further information, contact info@seismicskate.com. Stay tuned this year for more startling innovations in trucks, boards and wheels from Seismic!

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