Slide Puck Re-Stock!

Better Materials – Better Sliding

Fully stocked up on the biggest and most advanced line of slide pucks ever seen!

Available in two distinct formulas and multiple shapes,
each option with unique characteristics.

CLASSIC (blue)
Comfortable slide performance with buttery road feel. Resistant to abrasion, furry buildup, and friction-induced heat. Hollow version nearly 40% lighter.

Less braking for faster racing. Perfectly consistent, stable glide – even at extreme speeds and in high heat. Superior durability and no melting or furry buildup ever! Hex shape lets you clock puck to preferred hand mobility zone.

FLINTED – hollow or solid
Premium Extra-Hard pucks with SIX (6) BIG embedded flints to out-spark the pack! Hollow version concentrates pressure on flints, intensifies sparking.

Perfect fit with Seismic Gloves & Puck Risers!

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