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A Serious Makeover for the Seismic Race Glove!

  • Seams recessed away from leading edges of forefinger and thumb, and thumb internally reinforced with Kevlar cloth – for next-level abrasion-resistance in high-wear spots with no compromise in fit, comfort, or mobility!
  • Wider wrist strap with larger, higher-grade Velcro contacts – for a stronger, more durable lock!

A New Colorway for the Seismic FREERIDE Glove!

• Gray Accents for a more neutral, versatile look. Blue and Purple Accents also available.

Advanced Materials and Construction

  • Race Model: Premium goatskin throughout. Back of hand perforated for breathability and integrated with Kevlar® knuckle bar.
  • Freeride Model: In a class of its own with premium goatskin palmside. Breathable synthetics on back of hand, including stretchy neoprene knuckle accordion. Choice of blue, purple, or NEW gray accents.
  • Second layer of goatskin reinforces all fingertips and high-stress zones.
  • Advanced seam geometry for superior fit and durability.
  • High-strength, form-fitting goatskin/neoprene hybrid cuff with easy pull-on extension and industrial-grade Velcro.
  • Just what you need – not more, not less. Absolutely no superficial designer elements that compromise function, fit, or durability for skateboarding.

Supremely Comfortable and Functional Fit – Snug Yet Flexible

  • Velcro split at natural palm crease for full hand mobility.
  • Ergonomic glove patterns custom-designed and torture-tested by a Pattern Master with 30 years’ experience and detailed knowledge of hand anatomy. (Other brands’ patterns are usually copied from gloves made for dress fashion or unrelated sports.)