Baseplate Kit for Seismic G5 Spring Truck


Price is for ONE Baseplate.



Baseplate Kit for Seismic G5 Spring Truck.

Available in Stable-Turn 30-degree Geometry and Quick-Turn 45-degree Geometry.

Comes with Pivot Bolt, Pivot Nut, and Fastening Clip.

Price is for ONE (1) Baseplate Kit.

Seismic G5 baseplates require full surface support, so they should not be top-mounted on decks with drop-through mounting holes unless stiff riser blocks are placed between the trucks and the deck. Because of their unique baseplate structure, G5 trucks will not fit through standard drop-through mounting holes, either.
G5 trucks should also not be mounted on top of rubber or urethane shock pads. These amplify stresses on the baseplates, especially if the mounting bolts are over-tightened or tightened unevenly. Then relatively minor impacts can push the baseplates past their breaking point.


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