Bushings for Aeon Trucks


Matched pair of Board-Side (BS) and Road-Side (RS) bushings for one (1) Aeon truck.

    • per pair
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Bushings for Seismic® Aeon™ Trucks
Available in six (6) color-coded hardnesses, including NEW 78A pink and 82A yellow.
Self-lubricating formula to prevent squeaking.
Price is for a single matched pair of one (1) Board-Side and one (1) Road-Side bushing – enough for one (1) truck.

Advanced Control
Beyond Barrel vs. Cone: Aeon bushings have a wide hexagonal shape and tapering sides.  Creates smooth, intuitive resistance profile through a larger steering range.
• Tall but not too tall, for deep turns with no dive.

Precision Fit
• Custom contouring creates mechanical lock between Board-Side (BS) bushing and baseplate – no washer needed.

Cylindrical Bearing Built Directly Into Bushing-Hanger Interface – A Revolution in RKP Truck Engineering!
• Concave channels (“races”) on bushing faces wrap around “rollers” built in to hanger bushing seats.
Patented Aeon “TrueTurn” tech forms working cylindrical bearing with no added parts. (See exploded view in second image.)
• Centers and guides hanger rotation, in tight alignment with pivot axis – without the downsides of support pins, spherical bearing inserts, or hanger plugs.
• Eliminates slop, significantly stabilizes geometry even at deepest lean angles – so much so that 45° Aeons turn as much as most ordinary RKP trucks that claim steeper geometry.

Tuning Suggestions
For a more “surfy” (“lean”-y) feel, use Boardside and Roadside bushings of the same duro.  For more precise (“turn”-y) response, use harder Boardside bushings and softer Roadside bushings – especially with trucks wedged steeper than 45°, and with DH and Fast Freeride setups using narrower hangers and split geometry.  (Example: blue 90A bushing Boardside and yellow 82A bushing Roadside on your FRONT truck.)


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