Alchemist 27.75″ x 7.4″


Single-Kick Flatland Freestyle Board – Maple-Fiberglass with Rocker

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ALCHEMIST 27.75″ x 7.4″ (70.5 cm x 19.7 cm)
Constructed of Canadian Maple and Fiberglass • Flex rating: Stiff

The Alchemist is Seismic’s first deck designed specifically for modern flatland freestyle – company founder Dan Gesmer’s main discipline before he launched the brand.
Featuring a gently-curved rear kick, a mellow rocker extending through the nose, and just the right amount of concave. These smooth, predictable contours are unlike those seen in typical flatland freestyle decks. But they’re remarkably easy to adapt to – your foot-neurons don’t need to memorize how to navigate sharp kicks or sudden transitions.
This makes the Alchemist a flatland footwork machine – fantastic for lengthy sequences of quick maneuvers. The nose sports the perfect amount of taper for rail-flips and rail-to-rail transitions, too.
Fiberglass reinforcement (recessed from the edges to protect you from splinters) adds noticeable pop and rebound. Ends are pre-drilled at the factory for both nose and tail skid plates* – a Seismic first!
The meticulous attention to all the small details makes the Alchemist one of the most advanced flatland freestyle decks ever developed. And it’s ready to skate with minimal fuss – just grip, assemble, and go!
Options for completes coming soon…

Dimensions: 27.75″ x 7.4″ (70.5 cm x 19.7 cm)
Contours: Single-Kick with Rocker • 0.30″ (0.77 cm) Elliptical Concave
Wheelbase: 12.29″ (31.2 cm) • Drilled for New School truck hole pattern
Finishing: Graphic on bottom • Nose and tail pre-drilled for Seismic Skid Plates* • Not pre-gripped
Materials and Construction: 7-ply Canadian Maple core with bi-axial Fiberglass bottom reinforcement • Premium epoxy bonding all layers • Glass fibers oriented at 45° / 45° for optimal balance of vertical and torsional stiffness
Weight: 2.46 lbs. (1.12 kg)

* Seismic’s 146mm Old School Square Tail Skid Plate fits best at the tail, and our 129mm Modern Skid Plate fits best at the nose. If necessary, use a rubber mallet to pound the supplied rivet nuts into the pre-drilled holes.


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