Trishul 31″ x 8.9″


Dre Nubine Pro Model Downhill Race Board – Maple-Fiberglass with Rocker

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TRISHUL 31″ x 8.9″ (78.7 cm x 22.6 cm)
Constructed of Canadian Maple, Black Oak, and Fiberglass • Flex rating: Race Stiff

Deondre “Dre” Nubine has been a staple of the Seismic team since 2012, and we’re now honored to present his signature model board! Whether freeriding or racing, Dre has a rarely-seen “X” factor. From top-tier racing among the world’s best to the most steezy freeride jams, Dre is always showin’ out!
Dre and Seismic joined forces to painstakingly design the Trishul¹ for the extreme demands of modern Downhill racing. Packed with features dedicated to optimizing your handling, control, and footing at race speed – including a full-shaped nose, a tapered tail, a smooth elliptical concave², and a gentle full-length rocker that slightly wedges your front truck for extra agility.
The advanced contours combine to cup your front foot for exceptional leverage, stability, and that precious locked-in feeling. The precisely-dimensioned gas pedals synergize with the subtle rocker slope to secure your rear foot – even under extreme G-forces or on uneven pavement – while the tail area behind the gas pedals leaves a clear space for concave inserts or foam wedges.
The 8-ply construction and 45/45 orientation of the fiberglass skins – every layer bonded using next-level epoxy – create outstanding torsional stiffness for better grip and slide control while cornering at high speed. Wheel wells meticulously profiled for race-oriented setups with split truck geometries.

Coming soon: 36-grit Lokton grip tape sheets with “Race Grid” pattern custom-lasered to perfectly fit the Trishul, plus options for completes…

Dimensions: 31.0″ x 8.9″ (78.7 cm x 22.6 cm)
Contours: Rocker with 0.48″ (1.22 cm) Elliptical Concave² • Gas Pedals • Wheel Wells
Wheelbase Options: 21.0″ (53.3 cm) and 22.0″ (55.9 cm) • Drilled for Old School truck hole pattern
Finishing: Graphic on bottom, laser-etched Black Oak on top • Not pre-gripped
Materials and Construction: 8-ply Canadian Maple core with bi-axial Fiberglass skins • Premium epoxy bonding all layers • Glass fibers oriented at 45° / 45° for optimal balance of vertical and torsional stiffness
Weight: 4.1 lbs. (1.84 kg)

¹ “Trishul” is the name given to the Hindu deity Lord Shiva’s trident-shaped battle sword. In Hindu belief, the Trishul’s three prongs are said to represent various trinities – including the waking, dreaming, and sleeping states of consciousness.

² With no excess flat area along the midline – like the side of an egg.


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