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Seismic’s Ergonomic Take on Skid Plates!

skid plates

for Freestyle and beyond…


Better materials, design, and performance! Introducing Seismic’s ergonomic take on Skid Plates, for both Modern & Old School freestyle skateboards. Say goodbye to “razor tail” – protect your deck ends from drag-induced abrasion and high-impact tricks!

Finely-tuned thermoplastic formulation for smooth, controlled skid feel and outstanding pop. Resistant to abrasion, furry buildup, and friction-induced heat. Ergonomic inside edge contour gives better handhold and footing during tricks!

  • 129mm (5.1″) Modern profile: Fits most modern Longboard Freestyle, Flatland Freestyle, and Street decks.
  • 118mm (4.65″) Old School Nose profile: Fits the nose of Old School Flatland Freestyle decks.
  • 146mm (5.75″) Old School Square Tail profile: Fits the tail of Old School Flatland Freestyle decks.

Available in black and white. 8mm (5/16″) thick. Packaged with mounting instructions and hardware (rivet nuts and machine screws).

Team Rider Dan Garb throwin’ down in Japan


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