Baseplate for Seismic Aeon Truck


Baseplate for one (1) Aeon truck.

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Baseplate for Seismic Aeon Truck.

Available in Stable-Turn 30-degree Geometry and Quick-Turn 45-degree Geometry.

Price is for ONE (1) Baseplate.


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Truck Axle Tolerance

Seismic axles (both G5 and Aeon) are manufactured to be 7.95mm in diameter, with a small negative-only tolerance. Racing truck makers who advertise “true 8.0mm axles” generally follow a similar specification. Average brands use 5/16-inch (7.9375mm) axles.

The inner race of standard wheel bearings has a diameter of 8.0mm, with a small manufacturing tolerance. Truck axles need to have a diameter slightly smaller than that, or else some bearings may not fit or even get stuck.

Truck Hole Pattern

Seismic trucks (both G5 and Aeon) support both “Old School” and “New School” mounting hole patterns. In the case of the G5, this was a significant engineering challenge given the truck’s unique structure.

The Old School mounting hole pattern has holes that are 2.50″ (63.5mm) center-to-center longways. In the New School hole pattern, that distance is only 53.5mm (2.11″). Both patterns have holes that are 1.625″ center-to-center sideways.