Aaron Hampshire

Aaron Hampshire
Born: 10/14/1990

“If it feels like you’re on rails, you’re going too slow!”

Born and raised where?
Kentucky & Michigan

Current hometown (and best thing about it)
Colorado since 2009, nothing better than high speeds & high elevation!

When not skating, I’m…
Eating, video games & board games, snowboarding, shooting, fishing

Languages spoken

Favorite skating disciplines and skate spots
Downhill RACING! Some of the most amazing roads are in the Rocky Mountains, Dolomites, Alps, Pyrenees, & Lesotho.

Favorite skaters to ride with
Always having the HOTTEST laps with Adam Persson, Daina Banks, and Chase Hiller.

Seismic Skate & Aera Trucks

Favorite Seismic products
80.5mm ALPHA wheels
Tekton bearings
Lokton griptape
Seismic Race pucks

Skate heroes then and now
Scott Smith, K-Rimes, P-Swiss, Sebastian Hertler, & AJ Haiby

All-time best skate vids
Sector 9 : Second Nature Push Culture : Pants Party

Coolest superhero
All Might

Coolest superpower
Knowing every language

Best three pizza toppings
Pineapple & Jalapeño is the superior flavor combo

Favorite skate-day snack

Top artists or tracks on your current playlist
Earthgang Outkast The Pixies Fear Before Curtis Mayfield

Goals for the future
Travel the world to eat & skate in amazing places!

If you had three wishes
1. end world hunger
2. save environment
3. eating doughnuts has no negative impact