Precision Race Hanger for Seismic Spring Truck

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Price is for ONE (1) hanger – w/option for custom assembly to Baseplate geometry and Spring strength of your choice.



Precision Race Hanger for Seismic Spring Truck.
Available in 90mm, 100mm, and 130mm – w/option for custom assembly to Baseplate geometry and Spring strength of your choice.
Ideal for elite LDP and slalom racers!

Hand-fitted with precision 8mm axles by legendary skate machinist Geezer-X. Fully finished with Pivot Bearing, Spring Nut/Screw assemblies, and Wheel Nuts. Faced at ends. Does not include Baseplate, Pivot Bolt, or Springs unless option is selected.

Axles are manufactured in the U.S. from 8640 CrMo steel, with 22mm bearing seats centerless-ground to 7.98mm.  Hardened to Grade 8 standard and black-oxide coated. Threads are rolled not cut.

Precision 8mm axles mean less torsional play between the bearing and the axle. This translates to faster and more precise roll; more consistent wheel contact and grip while cornering; more predictable slide release and hookup; and longer wheel and bearing life.

Price is for ONE (1) hanger – w/option for custom assembly to Baseplate geometry and Spring strength of your choice.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Paul Howard

    I’m not the fastest slalom racer out there, but I’ve been on the podium in my “B”class days and I’ve qualified into the middle of the”A” group for years (just never made it onto the podium, ha,ha). I have 2 setups, my “smaller” course board for tight and tight-general/hybrid and my “bigger” course board for bigger-general/hybrid and Giant slalom. My favorite REAR trucks for 10+ years on my “Bigger-course board” has been 2 – 30 deg Seismics with modified hangers (by Eric Wallgren- I’m guessing these current ones listed were modified on a lathe by Eric Wallgren also?) a 100mm(used with most slalom wheels) and a 130mm (used with centerset wheels) on a 20″ wheelbase. I have NEVER ever had rear “fishtail” speed wobbles, that includes a few G/S races with tailwinds and getting around 40mph. Once I took my “big-course” board downhilling with friends and we passed 50+mph car traffic on a road parallel to us, again, very stable ride. The traction is really good since the action of pivot is near the axle(lower) than conventional or reverse kingpin trucks that have the pivoting closer to the board(higher and closer to the foot) which is why I use them for rear trucks on bigger slalom courses with big offsets and I want to keep traction. Even when I’ve broken traction, I felt like I had good control . The Green and Purple springs have worked really well for me giving me good solid stability and resistance in back for slalom, I weigh 160-168lbs in all my gear if that helps give you ideas for springs to put in. I also neg wedge my rear Seismic about 5 deg and use very modified Tracker RT-X’s in front for almost all slalom, I did use a 45deg Seismic 130 front in a Super G race that was 40+mph since I wanted the traction and stability at that speed, it worked really well. Also, Seismic axles are actually STRAIGHT the way axles should be, and since these specialty racing hangers have been turned on a lathe, the bearing interface surface is a nice actual 90 deg like it’s supposed to be(stock Seismics seem to be pretty good this way anyway). Thanks Dan (and Eric)! – Paul Howard

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